Upon returning to California after almost seven years living in Israel, navigating the waters of change and the tides of time.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Blues For Challah Via JetBlue!

I didn't come back to America empty-handed. I wasn't raised in a barn, after all. My mother taught me never to visit anyone's home without bringing a little something. Since I'm visiting the Home of the Free and the Land of the Brave, and I brought Radio Free Nachlaot with me.

So this morning I decided that RFN simply had to participate in the upcoming 3rd Annual Grateful Deadfest "BLUES FOR CHALLAH" at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center in December.

BLUES FOR CHALLAH describes itself thus: "Blues for Challah" explores and celebrates the universe inspired and embodied by the Grateful Dead—and makes the connections between that universe and our Jewish tradition and culture.
It's not a stretch—a wandering tribe forever transformed by peak experiences, centering around transcendent music, communal food, and joyous celebration—sounds familiar right?"

 So of course, how could I resist? But then again, how could I get there from California?

The answer came to me in a split second - JetBlue.

Come on, Blues for Challah - Stella Blue - JETBLUE - it all came together in one fantastic promotional moment.
 In no time at all I was on the phone with JetBlue and by the end of the morning they agreed to sponsor my travel in exchange for all the promotional love I can give them on the radio and in my social media spaces for RFN. (This appearance on my blog is what we call a Bonus Cheeseburger in the lingo, l'havdil and forgive the analogy).

Can I just mention that I LOVE JetBlue, and this is 100% the documented truth - when I lived in Long Beach, California from 1995 through 2007, Jet Blue was a big part of our community and played a starring role in all the cross-country travel I did for Charter Media ... but that's another story (like when I flew on JetBlue back from Washington DC where I had won the Beacon Award and the flight crew broke out the champagne ... but I digress, as is my minhag). 

So now that I created this cosmic convergence of Radio Free Nachlaot, Blues for Challah. the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center and Jet Blue, I feel better.

And how was your day?

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